Abyss Web Server Features Summary

Capability Abyss Web Server X1
The Personal Edition
Abyss Web Server X2
The Professional Edition
Server Core HTTP/1.1, 1.0, and 0.9 support YesYes
Configurable MIME Types YesYes
Aliases YesYes
URL Rewriting YesYes
Custom Error Pages YesYes
Logging, log rotation and custom logging formats YesYes
IDN/Unicode support YesYes
On-the-fly HTTP compression YesYes
Virtual Hosting NoYes
Supported Hosts 1 Unlimited
Secure SSL/TLS Connections (HTTPS) YesYes
Dual Hosts Support (HTTP+HTTPS) NoYes
Windows System Service, MacOS X Startup Item, or Linux daemon support YesYes
Configuration Remote Web Configuration Interface YesYes
Directories Listing Index Files YesYes
XSSI Template based YesYes
Script based YesYes
Dynamic Content and Scripting Native ASP.NET support (on Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Home Server, 2008, 7, 8 and 2012 or later) YesYes
CGI/1.1 Applications and Interpreters - ISAPI extensions YesYes
FastCGI support YesYes
XSSI pages YesYes
Reverse-proxying YesYes
Bandwidth Throttling Global (Server-wide) YesYes
Per host rules NoYes
Per file rules NoYes
Per directory rules NoYes
Access Control IP address based access control YesYes
Users and Groups management YesYes
User access control (password protection) YesYes
Security Anti-hacking system YesYes
Anti-leeching system YesYes
Robustness Anti-crash system YesYes
Technical Support Free YesYes
Prioritized NoYes
(During 1 year)
Recommended for Personal users, low traffic sites, web developers, students, small companies, small intranets. Professional users, companies' intranets, medium-sized and large websites.


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