Screen Shots

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On Windows

The main windowAbyss Web Server's icon in the system tray

On MacOS X

Abyss Web Server running on a Macintosh 

On Linux

Abyss Web Server running on a terminal 

Console shots

The console is a web based remote configuration interface. It can be accessed from the computer Abyss Web Server runs on and from any computer connected to your network. A standard web browser is all you need to view and use the console.

The console's main screen 

Host Configuration Dialogs

Host configuration dialogDirectory Listing
Index FilesAliases
IP Address ControlAccess Control configuration (password protection)
Users and Groups managementAccess Control rule definition
XSSI parametersAnti-leeching
Logging ParametersBandwidth Throttling
Custom error pages definitionASP.NET Parameters
URL RewritingURL Rewriting rule definition
Scripting ParametersHTTP Compression Parameters

SSL/TLS Certificates Management Dialogs

SSL/TLS Certificates DialogPrivate Key Creation
Certificate Declaration/Self-signingCertificate Signing Request (CSR) Generation

Server/Global Configuration Dialogs

Server Configuration DialogGlobal Bandwidth Throttling
Server ParametersAnti-hacking Configuration
MIME types 

Console Configuration Dialogs

Console Configuration DialogConsole Parameters
Console CredentialsConsole Language Selection
IP Address Control